Aug 27, 2007

It's a good day...

I am working like crazy on a secret.

I have closed my LiveJournal. My friend pages were ridiculous and as superficial as possible. The only clever people I knew back there just vanished (and I understand them perfectly...). So the end.

But I still want to show these pictures taken by my friend Arturo in the Selva. They were on my LJ.

More pictures to come in the next hours, days? Months?

Aug 5, 2007

Slow dive

I hate Sundays...
Even though I found a lot of things I needed, even if I know more, even if I made a rasberry vanilla pie, I burnt my finger and why on earth do you miss friends the most when they are not around? Like they show up, so to speak, when you are busy, but when you want to speak, no one is here?

Anyway, no one is never here.

This is a no picture post. I know, so boring...

Like Sundays.

Aug 2, 2007

Paranoid Android

Listening to Radiohead, Ok Computer...Not the first album I discovered from them, it was the previous. But it was the first one with which I really fall in love of their music and of the great personality and genius who is Thom Yorkes.

I really miss having friends around...I try not to dweel on my depressing feeling...I create, I make.
When what I want is to leave. To live.

I am just sleeping.

Here some pictures of my last "doing" (I am a sleepwalker!)