Aug 21, 2006

crochet again, better than depression

Available on my other etsy store

Soon available on my Etsy store

Avalaible here:

Soon available on my Etsy store

Some other little things I did recently. I have problems with that blog. I don't have a lot of friends and I always feel like I am speaking in the void. It disturbs me a little, with all my insecure complexes and phobia...

Anyway, for those few who read me, let me know what you think!! (is there a way to view a friends page or something like that???)

Aug 17, 2006

The adorable Liz at Yarn Botanika made a special post about the sweater I made with her wonderful handpainted merino lace yarn. I am really proud of the sweater (Go for Baroque pattern, from Happy Hooker), it was the first time I was working with fingering yarn, it is really nice!

So here is the sweater:

And here is the post:

And yes, my poor mannequin, named Toinette, has a wooden stick up her ass, because she is waiting for a better base, that will come soon, thanks to an amazing friend!

Some other works of mine:

Pattern: Short and sweet, Happy Hooker

Pattern by me