Dec 28, 2007


Excerpts from The last empire

At the other end are the wood suppliers, almost all poor countries with weak or corrupt law enforcement and a flourishing trade in illegal lumber. Among China's leading wood importers, Thailand and the Philippines have already been stripped of their natural forests; Indonesia and Burma are projected to lose theirs within a decade. Papua New Guinea's will succumb within 16 years, and the vast forests of the Russian Far East will survive no more than two decades. Even so, Forest Trends, a Washington-based nonprofit, estimates that China's wood imports will probably double over the next decade. Chinese manufacturers are already developing replacement sources in Africa, and South America's forests are under threat for a different reason: China's growing consumption of pork and chicken is fed by soybeans grown on newly cleared Amazonian land; by one estimate, 30 percent of the jungle could eventually be transformed into soybean fields.
An end to American and European purchases of products made from illegally cut wood—still retailed by such companies as Ikea, Home Depot, and Armstrong (see "Timber Line")—would certainly reduce the destruction of tropical forests, as half the tropical wood that enters China is reexported as finished products. Even so, about 90 percent of all Chinese-manufactured wood products are consumed within China. This is alarming, for per-capita consumption of wood products is still far below that in developed countries, and is likely to grow as the middle class expands. China's per-capita consumption of paper, for example, is now only an eighth of the United States'; if it reaches the American rate, pulp suppliers will have to double the world's current annual timber harvest. As Greenpeace argues in a 2006 report titled "Sharing the Blame," "The world's forests cannot support either the level of consumption of developed countries, or the aspiration of developing countries to attain a similar level.”
Visibility soon dropped close to zero in Beijing and driving was nearly impossible. Satellites tracked the dust as it moved across eastern China, the Yellow Sea, Korea, the Russian coast from Vladivostok to the Kamchatka Peninsula, the Sea of Japan, and Japan itself. In less than a week, it crossed the Pacific Ocean, and produced thick haze as far east as Denver. High concentrations of dust were found as far away as Maine and Georgia and eventually in the Canary Islands off northwest Africa.
The only thing likely to slow this explosive growth is the increasing scarcity of the resources needed to make and fuel cars. As numerous commentators have pointed out, if China's income per capita, now less than a 10th of the United States', ever reached the American level, several Earths would be required to provide resources. "Through all of our engagement with China, the U.S. government has aggressively promoted China's adoption of an American-style, high-consumption, high-waste economic model," says Jim Harkness, president of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy and former executive director of the World Wildlife Fund in China. "Combine that with the global trading rules [that downplay environmental and labor standards], the tremendous constraints China faces in terms of its need to generate employment, and the fact that they've got all that coal and no oil—and how surprised can we be that we've ended up with an environmental nightmare?"


I want to improve my home.  This has gotten a nightmare when you don't want to harm the Earth, don't want to sustain unethical stores or economies like China. Plus I have no money and we cannot afford these wonderful sustainable and eco-friendly building materials which are just plain luxury in fact.

This article left me with a lot of questions. Most of the facts layed down there I already knew about. But to read the 5 pages, which I engaged you to do, and to see all these facts together, makes me wonder if shopping ethically and going through all the lenght I go through for every purchase is still meaningfull. Of course we have to give the example and try to un-do the awful example we are giving to the rest of the world (we being the Western world). Of course, we have to all do our part. But we also have to stop and think.

Economy and ecology are completely opposed and cannot exist together. Until economy prevails, there will not be a possible ecology.

Economy is the growth for the growth. More money, just for that. It has to keep going. It has to keep growing. Why? For nothing.
Progres ideas proved to be totally utopist.
We have been DOING and DOING and DOING without stopping, and whitout thinking a moment.

Our planet is disappearing under our feet. It is shrinking. The developping countries are cutting the branch they sit on, whitout carring a second the whole world is on the branch too.

Dec 17, 2007

Things I love

Lately, I have been mad when seeing the tons of crap that are made and sold everyday in the "craft" scene.
Instead of letting this negative vibe get me down, I choose to turned it into something positive.

From now on, I will be featuring from time to time on my blog artists and creators of all kind I follow since years or artist I meet randomely online.
My work has been featured in several blogs and I would like to do the same as I know it is such a great feeling to discover at the next online corner a link to your store, or a picture of one of your creations and some nice comments about it.

I don't like Christmas, and as an atheist don't celebrate it. But I really like the turn of the year. The end of one that go and melt into the beggining of another one. For me this is the best time of the year to give and reflect and create again.

Go check these artists or these pictures, for me, there is a lot of love in all these.

Dec 4, 2007

Well, I already knew it...

cash advance

That really made me laugh. I am not exactly a genius and the level of this blog is certainly not...

Anyhow, I am in France and I am glad I am not living here anymore. People are so selfish and pretentious, I just couldn't get over it the first days.

Also they are sooo prompt to criticize USA and other countries when they don't even know what is going on there... They don't have the last little clue.

But of course, one could reproach me to generalize again...maybe.

In the good news: fuck Chavez! Venezualians are better than french people on that point apparently. (And of course no relation to Bush's advice on the question, he is not a 'devil' he is a dictator)

And for the genius part of this blog, an utterly funny quote:

"Precisely because of this power that hope has of making the suffering hold out, the Greeks regarded it as the evil of evils, as the most malign of evils; it remained behind at the source of all evil."
(That is, in Pandora's box.)

The Antichrist, Friedrich Nietzsche.

Nov 20, 2007

SOS Sicko

sicko badge

It is not a matter of liking Michael Moore or not. It is not a matter of politics, of sides or wings.
It is a matter of democracy, it is a matter of sharing, it is a matter of SOLIDARITY.

Watch this movie.


I cried several times, and laughed as well. This is his most compelling and clever movie so far.

Of course, he is letting aside a lot of the negative points. People have universal health care in Cuba but they don't eat to their content everyday.
People have universal healthcare in France but they pay a darn lot of taxes and also the medication prices are going up, as well as the huge debt of the Social Security (the government organism which pay for everything).
Plus, French people has been careless enough to let someone like Sarkozy access to power. He is a Bush clone.
All that matter for him is privatization, corporation, control and money.

Money, profit.
We are getting sick and green, we are transforming into these pieces of papers.

There is 2 medications I have to take. I cannot do without. For life.
Well, it costs 300 $ a month. I am extremely lucky to have a husband who is a professor in a private university, and have a wonderful insurance. Wonderful if you like. So we pay around 60$ a month for my medication.
In France, it would be free.

Except we were not rich enough to get a proper plan for the dentist these past years and I ended up with huge problems for ONE tooth.

But my little experience is nothing compared of the awful distress and tragedy some people in USA are undergoing.
Children and babies are dying, people are working until their death, way past 80 years old to pay their medications and their health bills, people are dropped in front of cheaper medical centers by insanely rich hospitals...Because they cannot pay the bill.

Watch this movie.
Think. Feel.
Wake up.

Because the day american people will wake up, it will be something.
I still have hope.

Money won't eat everything, will it?

Nov 19, 2007


I listen to Faust Arp on the Amazon river, and it was one of the most beautiful moment of my life.

For you.

Don't you love the sound of the wind in the mic...?

Nov 10, 2007

It is alive! My personal website!

Please let me know what you think!

There are probably a lot of things to correct, but I am so glad!

Nov 5, 2007

Constat d'échec

Agreement of a failure? Or something like that.
After 3 planes, 14 hours trip, I am back home.

I couldn't do it in Iquitos. Too much heat and noise, I was getting crazy again, and deaf...
I've lost 4 kgs, and my health was at risk.
I am really sorry for the children but this and other problems I won't speak about here got in the way and made it impossible for me to feel good and stay there giving the best of me.
I just couldn't.

On a positive note, I refocused on my real desires. To go see elsewhere if the grass is greener allows you sometimes to go out of the blind spot and see what you really want and what you really need: Marc, my animals, our house.

I am really tired and disappointed. I almost ran away from Iquitos.

I am feeling optimistic anyway. I am back and quicking (after I will have got back my sleep hours and my kilos!) and ready to work and amaze you all, in style and with a strong sense of ethic.

The really funny thing of today: when I entered USA, I felt good. It was my first time travelling by plane alone. And it is not a long time I travel by plane (since 5 years). So  I was quite stressed, and each time I asked help to people in here, they were always charming and really helpful.

The guy at the custom told me I had a cute green card!! Such a great welcome back!

Oct 29, 2007


It is now 1 week I am in Iquitos.
I have already been in the jungle 4 days. I had the Turista for the first time in my life. Not funny. Feels like you will die of emptying yourself from every sides.

I think I will make a list:

1/ Time:
I am using internet with a 112 K connection...I can assure you that the notion of time can change radically in these cases.

2/ Shower:
This must be the most humid place in the world, and there is not a real water system in here. No running water all day long, only at certain hours in the morning, what about that?

3/ Panic attack:
Yesterday, hubby took the plane back to USA and I got soooo scared to stay here without him. Even if I am not alone here, Marc going away was really scary. We have a very deep relationship, deep understanding...I got suddently scared I couldn´t live without that.
I also miss my babies a lot.
But Arturo is great and it feels so good to have a friend.

Entiendo un poco, pero soy más tímida y es muy difícil!
The progress are slow even if I am able to read Borges in spanish! How weird is that?

5/ Bathroom:
Arturo just told me the bathroom door is fixed so I can close it now...Wow, we are about to leave the Middle Age!!! No running water like I said, and the bathroom is in such a crappy state, I think I will have nightmares about it for the next 10 years!
Today´s goal: get some cleaning products!

6/ Arbol:
We went through all the donations and material we have for the kids. I think they will never believe their eyes when they will see all that. Thank to all the amazing people who send us lot of supplies. I went to visit the place where we will give the classes and this is really heartbreaking how these families are poor. The children are starving.
At a moment, there was that minuscule puppy I pet, and the little girl told me: te vendo mi perro! I almost cried...
I got really depressed and full of doubts about my work there. These children are hungry and what I bring to them is something not usefull per se.
After having thought it through, I realized that they deserves as much as anyone to enjoy themselves with creation, art, painting... I am not bringing bread to them, but I hope I will be able to bring them joy.

This whole trip is finally such a challenge for me, something I didn´t really wanted to think about when I was preparing it.

Changes are painfull…But this is how we are able to evolve and to open ourselves to the World.
To think, and to do.

Oct 17, 2007


1996, originally uploaded by MlleHyena.

I always say: I was goth blablabli
So here you go.

Oct 16, 2007

Music and white hair, and conspiracies

1- I just found my first white hair.
Whatever, I am 32 and yesterday while I was listening at Disintegration of The Cure for the first time in so many years, remembering my 16 with a bitter smile, which were not sweet at all, I told myself that even if I am the double of that age, I am glad of the path I took, I am glad about what I became...and I am glad I am still learning...I am glad I am still opened and more lucid than ever...

2- I was living under a rock, and I just figured out NIN released another album last february. What was my freaking surprise when I discovered Trent Reznor (and his marketing crew?) developped a crazy net of gaming trail thing, tons of site, conspiracy theories and fucking Chomsky inspired empire.

Just one thing: the music is bad, and the political and protestating background even worse. Saying the exact opposite of those you're against come down to going the same way as them.
Just like people driving Austin Mini to protest against Hummer. WTF with you all little minds?

3- And the very best for the end: Radiohead.

The more I listen to it, the more I love it. Just like Bach's best pieces, just like all the masterpieces, the more you look at them, the more you listen to them, the more you know them, the better it gets...
This is what art is made of.

I paid 2 pounds for it. I could have paid less. I couldn't have paid more.
Everyone found amazing what they did, it is such a big middle finger at the music industry and at the consummerism (if you don't know it already, your favorite artists only get 1 or 2 $ the cd they sell, the rest goes to the industry major etc).
A member of the band announced it was not a political position, but just a way to see how people price music.
Sorry John, this is bullshit.
Whatever your reasons were you guys, I am poor and I couldn't choose between paying 20 $ for your music when offered almost for free, and the money I need to go give classes to poor kids in Peru...

Live is a matter of choice, and a matter of ethic.

"you are all I need"

Oct 5, 2007


Lilou, originally uploaded by MlleHyena.

Rest in peace my little Lilou...Until we see eachother again, in the meantime, give Nounou a huge cuddle from his Mommy...:(

Leo died yesterday, peacefully, in France, at my ex-boyfriend's, whom adopted him after I've left France and couldn't travel with him.

Fred, my ex, will bury him near Nounou, under a hazelnuts tree, in the Burgundy countryside.


Sep 21, 2007

Estoy muy contenta!

WIP - Don't let me d(r)own

Go check there:

The awesoness behind Kakariki just featured my work on her site! I am really proud.

And she showed my drowning polar bear....I am really touched... I am thinking about selling the embroidery on ebay and giving the money to Greenpeace or a perticular association really trying to take care of the problem of Global Warming. But who can do something anymore...

It has already started and seeing the pitiful state of governments all over the world, this is not now they will put aside all their selfish goals and idiotic wars of power and money to just unite and all heal our world.

I tremendously respect and love all the people who are trying, who are DOING something, who are raising their voices. To all of you, don't give up...(with the Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel duo in mind even if I listen to Godspeed you black emperor)

Sep 11, 2007


Aug 27, 2007

It's a good day...

I am working like crazy on a secret.

I have closed my LiveJournal. My friend pages were ridiculous and as superficial as possible. The only clever people I knew back there just vanished (and I understand them perfectly...). So the end.

But I still want to show these pictures taken by my friend Arturo in the Selva. They were on my LJ.

More pictures to come in the next hours, days? Months?

Aug 5, 2007

Slow dive

I hate Sundays...
Even though I found a lot of things I needed, even if I know more, even if I made a rasberry vanilla pie, I burnt my finger and why on earth do you miss friends the most when they are not around? Like they show up, so to speak, when you are busy, but when you want to speak, no one is here?

Anyway, no one is never here.

This is a no picture post. I know, so boring...

Like Sundays.

Aug 2, 2007

Paranoid Android

Listening to Radiohead, Ok Computer...Not the first album I discovered from them, it was the previous. But it was the first one with which I really fall in love of their music and of the great personality and genius who is Thom Yorkes.

I really miss having friends around...I try not to dweel on my depressing feeling...I create, I make.
When what I want is to leave. To live.

I am just sleeping.

Here some pictures of my last "doing" (I am a sleepwalker!)

Jul 27, 2007

In Piece - Or at least trying.

In Piece - Crochet choker, originally uploaded by MlleHyena.

Because I am not really in peace lately. I am "slightly" depressed and wondering what the heck I am doing in Nashville.

So I create, I quick myself in the butt and so on, but middles of Summer are always so lame and empty...

The good thing is it will pass, and that I know now where I want to be. As if I have found my paradise, my arcadia.

Jul 20, 2007


Ohhhhh I am so happy, this is probably the first time I am featured on another blogger's page!
Plus this is an ultra neat list of recycled items so go check them out:

Jul 15, 2007

Back from Peru

I don't know where to start.
I am back from 5 weeks in Peru where I traveled the Nothern Coast, saw a lot of archeologic sites, amazing ones. Saw amazing empty beaches running for kms and stayed in little fishermen villages. It was winter there, no one, except pelicans, seagulls and vultures...

I was in the Andes, 4000m altitude, one day walk to go see a glacier and its lake. I have seen our beautiful planet, beautiful flora and fauna, there since millenaries, and being threatened by only 1 century of our trash.

And I have been in the Amazon Forest, which they call Selva there. This is the most beautiful, and perfect place I have seen in my whole life, almost 32 years of it next week.
There everything was making sense, it was like being at your real place, threatened by nature, having to respect it totally, and just "be".

I drink the water of the Ugna de gato tree, I collected some seeds to make jewelry like people do there. You can live there with just a little house, a machete and a hammoc.
Clouds of mosquitoes and hundred of ants attacking me...

And there, which happens to me every 10 years or so, I met a friend. He was our guide at the lodge. Almost since the beggining, Marc, him and I, we felt comfortable together. We had great conversations together.
I was speaking with him on msm 5 minutes ago.
Want to meet Arturo?

My week back there was perfect.
We want only one thing, come back. It is already planned!

Now, problem: how to go back to work!?

Pictures will follow, of course. But as I shoot films, it will probably be next week, so stay tuned!

In the meantime


Apr 18, 2007


Poupée, originally uploaded by MlleHyena.

Hubby told me all the dolls I make are looking just silly and scary at the same time, like they pretend to be cute and in fact they are dangerous! lol

Apr 14, 2007

I was living in a cave

This morning, after I woke up really late and missed the Greyhoung Meet&Greet I noticed something wrong with my monitor. The image was flickering, the white was too bright and like moving. A lot of setup just went wrong and I couldn't fix them anymore.
This ugly and old 19" monitor was just a nightmare since the day I got it.
Now I have this 22" flat monitor, with a wonderful definition and colors, I just can't believe my eyes! I also bought a wireless keyboard and a mouse. Thanx to a wonderful check we received from a conference Marc did last year (yes...last year!).

It is always the same when you have new tools. You wonder how you were doing before.

I have decided to write more in here, even though no one read. But whatever. Everything is whatever.
We went to Wild Oats this afternoon. The mall nearby, a classy one if such a thing can exist, was packed. There were quite a lot of people in wildoats too. What was our surprise when we noticed the price of endives went up again. I should deal these. I don't know, one day they will be like an exchange value.

I was listening to Thom Yorkes, and I was looking at the sky turning dark. And all these cars, and all these people running to the malls, and running to consume more and more.
I am almost ashamed to be part of that, even though I know if I go to that store it is because it is one of the only places where I can buy decent bread. And Seventh Generation products. But to avoid to buy kleenex and so on products destructing forests, we spend more gas...What a freaking irony.

And to be able to continue to communicate, work and sell my creations and fight pollution like I can, I buy electronics made in China...

Apr 4, 2007

Titles bother me

What to say? I am definitely not a blogger.
These last days were lovely, nice and warm weather, lot of creativity, a good health...But yesterday, big t-storm and it is cold again, and I am crawling back in my hibernating state.

The world is not improving...I am so mad at my country, they will probably elect an idiot or a dictator. But no one noticed, no one cares.
I won't speak about what is happening in America, it is not better for sure. But at least there is hope for the next election. There is no more hope in Europe, we are too old. We opened the Pandora's boxe too wide.

now, pictures:

Make up bag

WIP Cureuil sur un arbre


Last but not least (wow, I hate my face)
Pull rose

Mar 22, 2007

Bizarre (with a french accent, please)

This morning, I was checking my emails when I heard a huge noise in the "room" (it is a weird room in our house, when everyone go through, where there is Ulysse's crate, when we play with Da bird with Louna, where there is a rug, where there is my drawing table I am never at...well...), so I run to the window, and see that poor bird who probably killed himself. I run outside and the poor little creature, a red head woodpecker, was on the floor, but he was just knocked, not dead.
I hold him for 15 min in my hands, for him to get back his spirits. He didn't want to leave my hands! As he was regaining strengh, he was closing his "pawns" more and more on my fingers.
I put him on the floor, he walked a little, and went in the air. He stayed for a while on a tree nearby me and he says thank you, a plus tard!
I was so glad he didn't die!

After that, I picked Louna in the laundry room, ready to escape...and on my way closed the dryer and caught my little finger in the door of it. Seriously, I almost faint, I would never have think the pinky was THAT painful!! I had several piercings done, a cutting in my back. I hurt myself pretty bad on several occasions, but there, the pain was awful. And I am quite resistant to pain.
2 days ago, running with Ulysse, I got caught on a spiky bush and it hurts so bad I thought I got poisoned. Same hand.

Apart from these mesaventures, I am creating like crazy. So pic pic:



Princesse des Bois - Custom order

Mar 15, 2007

My second article: so happy

Of course it is good for the ego. I cannot say the opposite. It also boost me to create more. That is the second good point.

But the best of the best is I put my little message against polution, crazy consumerism, sweatshops and global warming out there! It is maybe a little drop in the Ocean, but drop after drop, maybe people will start to think, to look, to be aware.

Mar 10, 2007


So I had a cuteness overdose, I went to Zakka heaven. It was all white and sunny, with little pieces of linen hanging everywhere and greyhounds running.

But I came back:

Cuteness OD part II

Cuteness OD

And there was a Squirrel Meet&Greet in my backyard:

Ecureuils: contents, contents, contents!!

Mar 9, 2007

Treasury on Etsy: da cute!

Here is a wonderful kawaii list put together by queenglass on the Treasury on Etsy.
I am really glad to be in the middle of all that cuteness...

Treasury March: Hedgehogs!!

If you want to check out the whole list, follow this:

Today is beautiful and springy and warm with a little fresh wind. I miss the sea.
Talked with my neighbors this morning, I am going out of my shell. Not because it is Spring. Maybe because I am quite happy?

Mar 8, 2007

What a day!!!

Everything began when I let Ulysse out without his collar, nor his leash. I wasn't awake, really. He took a poopoo and he just disappeared, fly away, vanished: 45 m/hour. He is a greyhound, by the way.
Me in my pjs running through the nearby street like crazy, calling him, asking my neighbors...I finally went back home, jumped in my clothes, closed the door and went running again. No time to think either.
In these situation time is everything, you have to thing, choose and act all at the same second. Because a car hitting him wouldn't wait...
And I would slit my wrists.

So I couldn't find him, I was yelling his name on top of my lungs (I have a little voice and it is difficult for me to scream or speak loud). Fortunately, some "greyhound people" live 2 blocks away. I was almost in tears and explained to them super fast, we jumped in their car (I don't drive and hubby wasn't there). And we drove through all the alleys and our walk paths...

At a moment I saw a long black shape, in a blink of an eye, it was so fast. No way to find him. All these awful images were also running in my mind. I cannot even imagine the life without him. I always get too bonded and attached to my animals. He is such a perfect being...
I was seeing him laying on the floor, wounded...or worse. And at the same time, I was repeating myself, stay calm, you need your reason and cold blood.

Finally, I asked my neighbor to come back check on our house.Ulysse was on the front yard, waiting for me!!! My perfect boy, who know the neighborood like his pocket, when he heard me calling him, when back to the house (where is his food, after all, and all his beds).

He stood his big pointy ears in the air, and looked at me with his head a little on the side, interrogative. Like saying:" uh? Where were you gone, silly mommy? You had a drive on this suv, wow!" (because Ulysse is an american boy and he likes big big car...)

I was sooooo happy!!

Conclusion of the crisis: I will resume my activity with the Greyhound Pet of America group and try to see all the greyhound people I know again. It is important to help eachother, and they were awesome... So saturday morning, to the Meet&Greet I go with Ulysse!
Also it tooks me forever to stop shaking.

And the afternoon, I got my first live interview in english!! Oh my I was soooo stressed about this one as well! But the journalist, a girl from Chicago was awesome, as well as the photographer (very talented).

So now, I will go drink some wine and eat a veggie lasagna, and feed my baby of course !

Craftroom : Ulysse's corner

Mar 7, 2007

Des petites photos

Little pictures of little things I have been making. I am quite happy with the result...

Piti sac


Oh la la les fautes!!

Mar 6, 2007

I have some problem with Opera9. I used IE7 before, but it was always freezing, and had difficulties to reach sites. After I contacted my provider, who of course told me there was no problems, I contacted my bro who is a network admin and who is studying to get a degree on optical 'fiber'(?) network. He told me the freezing and time out problem could came from my explorer.

Ok, I switch everything, take care of the preferences imports and so on...And BAM, big problem in here. I have problem accessing the posting window, the cursor disappears. Also, even if my flash player is up to date, it doesn't show my flickR badge...pooh pooh pooh

Ah well, whatever, I spent a really good day and succombed to the consumerist tentation by buying some make-up...It happens once a year, maybe twice. When I think that in France, I had a huge collection of make-up...but well, I was goth...

Pictures of my acquisitions (UrbanDecay, because not tested on animals, yeah!) and new pictures of my creations and my tidied up craftroom...What a perfect housewife I am...So perfect that we are going to the restaurant now...

Mar 5, 2007

My first interview, in Adorn magazine! For Real now!

*drooling* A huge thanX to Melanie from for sending me a copy of Adorn!

I think it looks great!

Mar 4, 2007

Mais non, c'est pas des fleurs! C'est des bulles!

ah yes, I wanted to show that jacket, which get a lot of attention. But seriously, buy it someone!!! ;)


I don't like Livejournal anymore, at all...So I will be moving here definitely. I finally got my head in the code and I am almost happy of the design...almost.

Sometimes I will write some posts in French. It bothers me to write all the time in english, as it is not my first language.

Well, I am off to clean and organize my studio. Pictures will follow!

Feb 12, 2007

My first interview in Adorn magazine!

Originally uploaded by

This is a quick picture Xiane from Etsy did for me, she is a doll. I haven't find a copy of it yet, and haven't received one.
I was so eager to know how it looks like, apparently it is super neat!!!!


Jan 12, 2007

Echarpe Spirale

Echarpe Spirale
Originally uploaded by MlleHyena.

So I am tired of LJ because it is too superficial and I get really bored there.
I hope I will meet new people in here and take that "blog" experience to another level.

So to start again, a picture of me. Not superficial, eh?