Jul 25, 2008

New in the shop

Pour une princesse


Two fiber jewelry pieces. The last of this kind of style.
My work has took a different turn and my head is full of new ideas and projects. So stay tuned!

Jul 20, 2008

My life and work in pictures.

This past month I

1/Finished the doll, she is named Helia (like the sun in greek, Helios). Available in the store:

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Helia - Weirdoland Dolly

2/Made a recycled top for my step-daughter, Muriel, who came from France to see her Dad who has been sick.

3/Went to vacations in Vermont and in Quebec. It was my first time in this part of USA, and in Canada and Quebec. It was ok. Some highs and some lows.

4/Went back to Nashville. Heat. My 33th birthday.

5/Put this awesome top on sale. Was 90, is now 70$.

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