Mar 31, 2010


Sunday I sold 2 items in the same day. It happens before of course, but it was 2 items to the same person. This time, the first time, it was not. Somehow, it was feeling like a milestone, a kind of success. I don't really know how to express it, but I was really pleased. The funny thing about the jacket is I didn't even had the time to list it anywhere! It flew off the hanger! :)

Also my work is featured in another treasury from my lovely French Team!

And last but not least, another addition to the Spring Collection, Incroyable, Recycled Spring Coat.


Mar 28, 2010

Sold, Treasuries and new collection" - What happened the last week

Apart from being sick and sick and sick the last 7 days, I have sold Velours. I am so happy because I really love that piece! All in all, I think I sold most of my Winter Collection, the one I designed for that runway show in Atlanta, the one I never did because they got rid of me at the last minute. Karma la la la!!!

My work was featured in several awesome treasuries as well. Again, a huge MERCI to our wonderful french team!

You can also find my work on our website

I also started to show my Spring Collection

Moyenage - Recycled Top

Thermidor - Recycled Cropped Jacket

Mar 20, 2010

Journee Internationale de la Francophonie!

Aujourd'hui 20 mars, c'est le premier jour du Printemps mais c'est aussi la journée de la Francophonie, pour célébrer la langue Francaise dans le monde entier.

Le site officiel se trouve la: 

Avec notre équipe Etsy French Handmade  nous avons décidé de célébrer çà dignement. Certaines boutiques parmi nos membres offrent 10% de réduction sur tous leurs articles.

Ce n'est pas seulement pour faire de la promotion pour notre équipe mais aussi pour la langue Francaise qui est une langue magnifique et que nous aimons de tout notre coeur! 

J'offre donc moi aussi 10% de reduction dans tous mes magasins, utilisez le code Francofolie!


Today, 20th march, 1st day of Spring, is also the International day of French language around the world.

You can find the official website here (all in French apparently)

With our team Etsy French Handmade , we decided to celebrate the event in a great way: several stores among our members are offering 10% off on all their items for the week-end.

This isn't only to promote our team but also to promote the wonderful French language that we all love dearly. 

So I am too offering 10% off in all my stores, use the code Francofolie!

Oh et j'allais oublier: voici Super Mémé, rien de mieux pour célébrer le Français

Mar 3, 2010


My work was featured on Modish! What a nice article and I am particularly fond of the choice of pictures. Thank you very much Liz Grotyohann and Modish!

Mar 2, 2010

Etsy Front Page

I have been on the Etsy Front Page 3 times these last 10 days!!! I was totally amazed. I also was in several Treasuries thanks to my team mate of the Etsy French Team.

I have been working slowly on new things. First a batch of Fiber Jewelry. I also have a big project coming but I am not telling...

In the following days, I will go back to my loved and missed sewing-machines. I had so many different things to take care of that it didn't left me any time to sew. I am missing it a lot. When I am saying this is an antidepressant for me, it really is. I am almost depressed not sewing and creating anymore.

And it is still cold out there but the house is more and more warm, we have now natural gas heating and the windows are all "doubled". When I will have finished these darn walls, I will feel better. And ready for the next room to fix! Which will probably be my studio and its huge closet that has been conceived like nothing and is half closed and not usable. Too bad because I am running out of space.

So stay tuned because the next fashion batch of recycled deliciousness will be crazy! (I know I know, I am not being very humble, but heck, I love my work and my clients love it too, so what?!)