Mar 30, 2008


1 - Working on a collaboration. I spent one week trying to finish a jacket. Wool material, was a man suit jacket. I put it aside finally because I made a mistake somewhere and I can't find it!
The joy of working without patterns. The jacket looks awesome though. I am such perfectionnist that it hurts me to put an almost finished project aside. I am sure the solution will come to me. Later.

2- Business.
It has been great lately. Unfortunately it suddenly stopped. But I did an Alchemy request for an Etsy admin (I am sold!) and a custom order with a fly.

Alchemy on Etsy : Handpainted Apron

La mouche à caca - Another pooh pooh fly!

3- I don't like Twitter. People are just telling what they do. I guess I am more interested by the exchange of informations and ideas than by the life full of holes of everyone (and mine too).

4 - Ok, I am french but let's not finish on a negative note. Duh, I cannot find anything of interest.
Ah yes, I made some awesome crochet collage necklace, and they will be at the fair next Sunday.
Feel free to come and check out my stand.