Nov 27, 2009

Attention, lot of.

Here you can go and vote for my design!

If I would have someone to thank, it would be all the people caring deeply for our planet and for Nature. The ongoing fight they are having which can seem at time pointless and ineffective.

But yesterday, I was reminding myself: 30 years ago, people were caring about atomic pollution, atomic weapons and so on. I am not optimistic by nature, but mind sets are changing. It will probably be "only" necessity that will make us change at a global and radical level. But at least the change will come.

Meanwhile, there is a growing interest for recycling, Eco-consciousness and all things green. So thank you to all of you! My little business means more than just selling and making a profit (insert lol). Thank you all for your wonderful comments, thank you all for putting the words out there about my work.

My store is included in their Winter shopping guide! :)

I am so honored to be featured near the most talented Fiber Jewelry Crocheters on Earth!! 

Thank you Jodi for featuring my work again! I really appreciate your support.

Nov 25, 2009

Featured artist : Moonstr

don't mess with me or my cotton pony will kick your ass

Moonstr and I have been on Etsy since the same length of time: 4 years!! So it was only normal that I feature at least one of my old-timer friends. 

what do you mean you have no honey

Each time I run across her work, I always have a smile on my face but there is something more, a kind of rage and unbalance that make the whole thing really special to me. This is not only cute, this is weird as well. And I love the titles she gives to the pieces. Please go visit her store!

shush you i'm thinking

Nov 10, 2009

Winter Collection Snapshots

Here are the last garments I created. I spent 10 days, almost since I am back from Peru, working on these. I am really happy with the result. The whole feeling of that mini collection is almost exactly what I was aiming at: sexy and classy at the same time, elegant and bad ass, and best of all, as usual: recycled from second hand clothings and salvaged fabrics!

Most of these are so comfortable I would just want to keep them for myself! Even the dresses!

So waiting for more professional shots, here are the quickie snapshots we did with hubby on Sunday afternoon. And more is coming as the flow of inspiration and energy lately is really good so stay tuned!

Oct 26, 2009

Behind the seams interview on UStrendy!


How awesome is that? Thank you so much UStrendy for the opportunity! I love how the interview came out in the article. Good job you. 

Next: pictures of my trip to the Peruvian Amazon forest. :)

Oct 2, 2009


A big thank you to Jodi at The Creative Jar! And check out my interview at BeadsPerles, it is in spanish and english!!

I also sold that blouse named Ancolie recently!

Sep 16, 2009

Uncompromising Health Care would be such a gift

Damaged Patient - Madalie - 2005

I used to make Art Dolls. I had an obsession with medical personal and surgery mistakes. I think I would have loved to be a doctor or a surgeon but I have a problem with the inside of any body and a huge problem with death. So I was not made of that fabric. 

Nursy - 2005

Surgeon - Ooops - 2005

But I could still make surgeons and nurses myself, right?? In 2005, the year I started my business, I made several of these little dolls. Since then I have made others, who looked like escaped of a psychiatric wards more everything else. 

These last days, I made another one. I am really happy how she turned out and I think I'll make more. Wool felt is such a great material to work with, way more than the poly one. That little doll is a gift for one of my most loyal customer who I also consider as a friend. I know you are not supposed to mix friendship and money and business. But eh, that's life and I prefer to have customer friends - or the opposite - than no friends at all, or no customers at all!

I think right now, with the health care debate, which shouldn't be one at all, and all the awful "voices" coming from the right wing "fringe", this is more than time for US people to get a decent health care system. Unfortunately it is looking like it will be a watered down one. "Always a beginning" I've heard on NPR but do people who are waiting for life or death treatments can accept "just a beginning"?

Cerise - For Sheri - 2009

Now for something totally different: to my surprise, I discovered yesterday the wonderful Erika Jurney, featured my work on Try Handmade!! I am really proud, I love her choices and I love her site. This is great all around and high top quality feature makers.

Sep 14, 2009


The past days has been pretty good in term of attention and sells. Happy happy!

Here what I've sold:

On Artfire

On 1000Markets! Which was a real pleasure, these are my 2 first sells here and I like that venue very very much!

Sep 10, 2009

Because everyone needs a good laugh

And that cat - my new antidepressant - makes me laugh like crazy so I really need to share it with you all! Enjoy!

Sep 5, 2009


I had really too much of these highs and lows emotions lately. I really want peace and creation and harmony, even if it sounds cheesy. That's what I want. To breathe, to be happy. To help and be helped.

To love and be loved.

Even though it is being very bumpy in my personal life, my work always helps me tremendously. To refocus, to take my mind off my obsessions, to think clearly. Somehow, this must be the right way, because I get some love and interest back.

My creations were featured in 2 blogs this week. It makes me totally happy. And I have more coming! I will let you know of course. 

Go pay a visit to The Blue Kimono and to Rawfish!

In other news, I am learning to drive. I am up to 4hours of lessons and I was able to drive hubby's car today! Seems like nothing but it is a great step for me. I am way less stressed even though I know I really need to work on my turns and my passing and merging. But I will be there soon.

Aug 13, 2009

Almost a month

I am not posting a lot to say the least!

Lot of things happened in between and at the same time nothing. August always have been a strange month in my life.

I took big decisions, like finally getting my driver licence. It may sounds stupid and easy for you americans who learn to drive in your mother womb but it is different for europeans who spent their whole life in cities with lot of public transportations.

Anyway, this is how it goes lately.

On the business side, here what happened:

I've sold

My Recycled Jumper Wedding Gown, Aubepine was featured first in a treasury which made the front page of Etsy last Sunday. Lot of hearts and views, it was such a nice surprise!

And last but not least, my Floreal Sundress is featured today in the Smashing Darling Newletter, check it out!! 

Jul 18, 2009

Birthday: the weirdest mood

I am 34 today. 
Mamie Adèle died last week (my paternal grandmother).
All my family called me today to wish me an happy birthday.
I am in love. I am sad. I have a new friend.
I am still scared of death like I was as a little girl. Scared of loosing. Scared of the stopping of everything.

Scared of the dark miror. Time: will never come back but will always be.

So I worked. A lot. Here it is.

Now I will go get myself a very nice bottle of burgundy. To celebrate all the emotions.

Because all these scares are good ones. Because I am alive.

Jun 30, 2009

Back home and to work

After 2 months vacations, it is kind of a chock. I spent 1 month and half in France at my parents. And 2 weeks in Egypt, between Luxor and Assouan. I fell in love, of the country, of the people and more.

It was crazily hot there but incredibly beautiful as well. I was really surprised as I wasn't ready for that at all! Even when we try hard not to, we always have preconcived ideas.
To be with my parents, and especially my Dad in their all time favorite place (it was the 9th time they were there!), was such a treat!

But now it is back to work! And it started right on as I was dragging my feet and fighting the jetlag, I sold these 2 numbers:

Last but not least, don't forget to check out my interview on 1000Markets and on Marjorie's blog!

Next my Summer collection so be ready!

May 15, 2009


This is so awesome: my Dad cancer is in total remission!!!! His hair is growing fast too. As you can see we are all very happy!

May 3, 2009

Au revoir Petit Pépére

Petit Pépère est mort aujourd'hui. Il avait environ 15 ans. Mes parents ne savaient pas vraiment son âge lorsqu'il l'ont adopté. Petit Pépère était un chat adorable. Il va manquer énormement à mes parents, surtout à mon père.

Etrangement, je crois qu'il a attendu que mon père aille mieux pour partir. Depuis que Papa a le cancer, Petit Pépère ne le quittait plus. Et pourtant il était lui même malade. Une infection dans sa bouche lui avait détruit les dents et du pus s'en échappait régulièrement. L'arthrite avait fait ses ravages et il ne pouvait plus rentrer ses griffes
Ces derniers temps il avait énormément maigri.
Il est mort dans la pelouse après que Maman lui ai donné de la purée à la main qu'il n a que leché.

Petit Pépère est entéré au pieds du grand sapin dans le jardin. J'aurais voulu lui dire au revoir une dernière fois. Mes parents ont mis deux petites fleurs dans son cerceuil.

Apr 25, 2009

Pollution Day

Haaaa Pollution Day is finally over and we are back to 364 Earth Day!! *sigh of relief*

Meaning no tree cutting or jail. No more wasting, chemical and air pollution, no more diesel car, no more factory farming. I know it was difficult for them all polluters to fit it all in one day, but heck, that's life right?

I wonder how they managed to produce all the plastic in 24h. But fortunately we don't need these type of dangerous material anymore.

Well, that's good to dream but meanwhile we are very far from it. And it is not at the bottom things will change, it will be from the top. If industries don't stop, this will be the death of the earth. All our good intentions will  pave the hell we are creating around us.

Recycling and conservation are the only solutions. Why advocate to plant trees when ancient forests are vanishing away with industrial logging? These forests cannot be replanted. The trees are only a part of the vast and complex eco-system. Without the soil and all the exchanges these forests will be forever gone. They are the lungs of the planet.

Borneo Deforestation Map

One of this day, I'll post a green guide. A real one. Not a trendy recessionista (hate that word) one. 

Because you have to be dedicated, you have to follow principles, you have to think things throught. You have to think by yourself and research.

I usually don't use quote but I really like that one (if you have the origine and date of it, please let me know):

"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world."
Nelson Mandela


Apr 8, 2009

It's raining men...

Euhh, no, it's raining good things

Sold items! The Road pants and Le Temps des cerises.

And the cherry on the cake: my Dad is doing great!! We are waiting for new results of blood work but he is looking great and he is able to mow the lawn, to garden etc. I can't wait to go see him!