Sep 16, 2009

Uncompromising Health Care would be such a gift

Damaged Patient - Madalie - 2005

I used to make Art Dolls. I had an obsession with medical personal and surgery mistakes. I think I would have loved to be a doctor or a surgeon but I have a problem with the inside of any body and a huge problem with death. So I was not made of that fabric. 

Nursy - 2005

Surgeon - Ooops - 2005

But I could still make surgeons and nurses myself, right?? In 2005, the year I started my business, I made several of these little dolls. Since then I have made others, who looked like escaped of a psychiatric wards more everything else. 

These last days, I made another one. I am really happy how she turned out and I think I'll make more. Wool felt is such a great material to work with, way more than the poly one. That little doll is a gift for one of my most loyal customer who I also consider as a friend. I know you are not supposed to mix friendship and money and business. But eh, that's life and I prefer to have customer friends - or the opposite - than no friends at all, or no customers at all!

I think right now, with the health care debate, which shouldn't be one at all, and all the awful "voices" coming from the right wing "fringe", this is more than time for US people to get a decent health care system. Unfortunately it is looking like it will be a watered down one. "Always a beginning" I've heard on NPR but do people who are waiting for life or death treatments can accept "just a beginning"?

Cerise - For Sheri - 2009

Now for something totally different: to my surprise, I discovered yesterday the wonderful Erika Jurney, featured my work on Try Handmade!! I am really proud, I love her choices and I love her site. This is great all around and high top quality feature makers.

Sep 14, 2009


The past days has been pretty good in term of attention and sells. Happy happy!

Here what I've sold:

On Artfire

On 1000Markets! Which was a real pleasure, these are my 2 first sells here and I like that venue very very much!

Sep 10, 2009

Because everyone needs a good laugh

And that cat - my new antidepressant - makes me laugh like crazy so I really need to share it with you all! Enjoy!

Sep 5, 2009


I had really too much of these highs and lows emotions lately. I really want peace and creation and harmony, even if it sounds cheesy. That's what I want. To breathe, to be happy. To help and be helped.

To love and be loved.

Even though it is being very bumpy in my personal life, my work always helps me tremendously. To refocus, to take my mind off my obsessions, to think clearly. Somehow, this must be the right way, because I get some love and interest back.

My creations were featured in 2 blogs this week. It makes me totally happy. And I have more coming! I will let you know of course. 

Go pay a visit to The Blue Kimono and to Rawfish!

In other news, I am learning to drive. I am up to 4hours of lessons and I was able to drive hubby's car today! Seems like nothing but it is a great step for me. I am way less stressed even though I know I really need to work on my turns and my passing and merging. But I will be there soon.