Jun 30, 2009

Back home and to work

After 2 months vacations, it is kind of a chock. I spent 1 month and half in France at my parents. And 2 weeks in Egypt, between Luxor and Assouan. I fell in love, of the country, of the people and more.

It was crazily hot there but incredibly beautiful as well. I was really surprised as I wasn't ready for that at all! Even when we try hard not to, we always have preconcived ideas.
To be with my parents, and especially my Dad in their all time favorite place (it was the 9th time they were there!), was such a treat!

But now it is back to work! And it started right on as I was dragging my feet and fighting the jetlag, I sold these 2 numbers:

Last but not least, don't forget to check out my interview on 1000Markets and on Marjorie's blog!

Next my Summer collection so be ready!