Apr 18, 2007


Poupée, originally uploaded by MlleHyena.

Hubby told me all the dolls I make are looking just silly and scary at the same time, like they pretend to be cute and in fact they are dangerous! lol

Apr 14, 2007

I was living in a cave

This morning, after I woke up really late and missed the Greyhoung Meet&Greet I noticed something wrong with my monitor. The image was flickering, the white was too bright and like moving. A lot of setup just went wrong and I couldn't fix them anymore.
This ugly and old 19" monitor was just a nightmare since the day I got it.
Now I have this 22" flat monitor, with a wonderful definition and colors, I just can't believe my eyes! I also bought a wireless keyboard and a mouse. Thanx to a wonderful check we received from a conference Marc did last year (yes...last year!).

It is always the same when you have new tools. You wonder how you were doing before.

I have decided to write more in here, even though no one read. But whatever. Everything is whatever.
We went to Wild Oats this afternoon. The mall nearby, a classy one if such a thing can exist, was packed. There were quite a lot of people in wildoats too. What was our surprise when we noticed the price of endives went up again. I should deal these. I don't know, one day they will be like an exchange value.

I was listening to Thom Yorkes, and I was looking at the sky turning dark. And all these cars, and all these people running to the malls, and running to consume more and more.
I am almost ashamed to be part of that, even though I know if I go to that store it is because it is one of the only places where I can buy decent bread. And Seventh Generation products. But to avoid to buy kleenex and so on products destructing forests, we spend more gas...What a freaking irony.

And to be able to continue to communicate, work and sell my creations and fight pollution like I can, I buy electronics made in China...

Apr 4, 2007

Titles bother me

What to say? I am definitely not a blogger.
These last days were lovely, nice and warm weather, lot of creativity, a good health...But yesterday, big t-storm and it is cold again, and I am crawling back in my hibernating state.

The world is not improving...I am so mad at my country, they will probably elect an idiot or a dictator. But no one noticed, no one cares.
I won't speak about what is happening in America, it is not better for sure. But at least there is hope for the next election. There is no more hope in Europe, we are too old. We opened the Pandora's boxe too wide.

now, pictures:

Make up bag

WIP Cureuil sur un arbre


Last but not least (wow, I hate my face)
Pull rose