Mar 24, 2009

When it rains, it pours

Is that the correct expression? 

Today friends told me I was featured in an etsy email. I couldn't figured out what they were speaking about. It was in one of Etsy newsletter about Success!!

A huge thank you to Tamara of Blockpartypress who wrote the article and included my work!

I was invited today to a new market on 1000markets as well! Check them out, it is a fun theme and I would never have thought my work could fit there.  Magical Talents

And pretty please, don't forget to go vote for me on Papernstich, there is a price to won and another month exhibition there. You have to register first but it doesn't take much time.
Click on the little heart on the top left of the screen.

Mar 23, 2009

Happy happy happy

I think sometimes I get depression from exhaustion. I am really really tired after working a lot. But I won't figure it out by myself. My body will have to put a stop to it and yell at me "Will you calm down!!!???"

Today I sold the 2 first tops of my Spring collection to a very dear customer of mine!! So very happy. And last week, I sold 2 items to a compatriote!

Here they are:

I was a bit sad to let her go. But I am so happy at the same time she found a home and new friends, in France!! 

Mar 22, 2009

Printemps - New everything

You can find these on etsy and in almost all my other online store.

I also go accepted on PapernStich. You can go and vote for my designs (I have to check but I think it is to won another month for free other there!) 

My store will be live tomorrow at that adress

And last but not least: My Dad's results came back and all the bad stuffs disappeared!!! This is so awesome. :))

Mar 19, 2009

Good things

I have been a bit depressed and I am starting to do better. It is the first time I am having depression during Spring.

My Dad is out of the hospital since 10 days (already?) and he is doing allright. We are waiting for his blood test results. His doctor just abandonned him. I was so furious. Imagine you are fighting cancer, you spend 3 weeks  in a sterile room. First you doctor never comes to see you. Second, you are out of the hospital and he tells you that he doesn't want to see you. You can come and see him privately though and pay the full price!!! (health care is totally different in France).

What about the deontology? What about my Dad's moral? We already knew that doctor was not nice. But then, it is really the last straw. My poor Papa was all demoralized. 
The good thing though, he is feeling better. Still tired, still feeling the effect of chemio and all. But he doesn't suffer anymore and that is wonderful. I can't wait to go and see him in France.

I have been working like crazy but today I prefer to show someone else's work. When I came across Pippi's jewelry, I was awestruck. If you love me and want to make a gift to me here are what I dream about:

But the last two pairs would do too! Check out her shop, it is full of intricate and sophisticated creations.

Mar 15, 2009

Us Trendy : last two days!!

I entered the Us Trendy contest which will end in 2 days.

Will you vote for my designs please?

Here are the links to them and the clothings.


The pages changes sometimes, but usually it is a page before or after.

In advance, thank you so much!

Mar 1, 2009

Spring and hope are around the corner

This is the second week Papa is at the hospital. This past week, there were some highs and lows. He got fever from his white cells and his immune system disappearing. There were three difficult days when he couldn't eat anymore and was really weak.
But since yesterday, apart from a bit of fever, he is doing great. Eating a lot and speaking a lot, which is not usual for my dad, especially on the phone! But this is the only link he has with the outside world and that link was challenged again!!! It is almost impossible to get him directly on the phone, we have to go through the hospital central system. You know, like in the old time? I was picturing an operator lady putting plugs in a wall...
So today I spent half a hour speaking with him and got yelled at by my mom when I called her after! The nerve! I wasn't to hang out at my dad's nose, right? She was not happy because my sis was trying to reach my dad and couldn't. Well, I am the one being thousands of miles away so...
Good news are he should be out on wednesday or friday! I can't wait and so does he, he feels like he is in jail.

In other news, Spring is starting to show the shy end of his nose!! Little leaves, tender green, little buds on trees. Even though it is still freezing and snowing...I was sick all week with a kind of flu but I feel way better now and ready to go back to work. Be ready to be amazed because my head is full of ideas and it will be like a firework!

Last but not least, my Discipline coat was featured on Capitola Girl site and I am so proud because she has bad ass taste! So check out her blog and all the beautiful creations featured there.

Capitola Girl