Jul 15, 2007

Back from Peru

I don't know where to start.
I am back from 5 weeks in Peru where I traveled the Nothern Coast, saw a lot of archeologic sites, amazing ones. Saw amazing empty beaches running for kms and stayed in little fishermen villages. It was winter there, no one, except pelicans, seagulls and vultures...

I was in the Andes, 4000m altitude, one day walk to go see a glacier and its lake. I have seen our beautiful planet, beautiful flora and fauna, there since millenaries, and being threatened by only 1 century of our trash.

And I have been in the Amazon Forest, which they call Selva there. This is the most beautiful, and perfect place I have seen in my whole life, almost 32 years of it next week.
There everything was making sense, it was like being at your real place, threatened by nature, having to respect it totally, and just "be".

I drink the water of the Ugna de gato tree, I collected some seeds to make jewelry like people do there. You can live there with just a little house, a machete and a hammoc.
Clouds of mosquitoes and hundred of ants attacking me...

And there, which happens to me every 10 years or so, I met a friend. He was our guide at the lodge. Almost since the beggining, Marc, him and I, we felt comfortable together. We had great conversations together.
I was speaking with him on msm 5 minutes ago.
Want to meet Arturo?

My week back there was perfect.
We want only one thing, come back. It is already planned!

Now, problem: how to go back to work!?

Pictures will follow, of course. But as I shoot films, it will probably be next week, so stay tuned!

In the meantime



Twisted Stitches said...

How exciting! I have always wanted to visit the Amazon (even live there based on books I have read and pictures I have seen).

I look forward to more pictures of your travels.

Recycled By Hyena said...

Hello Pam!

I so wish I could have stayed there forever. I will scan my pictures, but when I saw the slides, I had a huge pinch at the heart, I adore that place...

Thank you for your message!

miss lila said...

wow, how nice! i'm so glad you two are back safely. arturo is a cutie! ;)

Recycled By Hyena said...

Thank you dear LilaMae! We are back safely but all we want is to go back there!
And yes, Arturo is indeed a cutie! lol