Sep 21, 2007

Estoy muy contenta!

WIP - Don't let me d(r)own

Go check there:

The awesoness behind Kakariki just featured my work on her site! I am really proud.

And she showed my drowning polar bear....I am really touched... I am thinking about selling the embroidery on ebay and giving the money to Greenpeace or a perticular association really trying to take care of the problem of Global Warming. But who can do something anymore...

It has already started and seeing the pitiful state of governments all over the world, this is not now they will put aside all their selfish goals and idiotic wars of power and money to just unite and all heal our world.

I tremendously respect and love all the people who are trying, who are DOING something, who are raising their voices. To all of you, don't give up...(with the Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel duo in mind even if I listen to Godspeed you black emperor)


kakariki said...

Put it on here!

Ijsbeer said...

Greenpeace isn't doing much for the polarbears though..I am sorry..been an envirnomentalist all my life and long before people talked about global warming and I love polarbears..but after seeing how greenpeace works I will never support them finacially. Instead I give my money to and World Nature Fond (WNF). But of course..its your choice!

Its a lovely embrodiy. Wish I had the money to buy it. It should sell well I am sure:)

Recycled By Hyena said...

ijsbeer, thank you for your comment. I will look into the links you gave to me. I didn't know about Greenpeace. I would like to know a little better about how they work (would you like to send me an email?

I have been an environmentalist at heart since I am a little girl, and even though at that time some already knew about Global Warming, no one was of course speaking about it.
Can you believe that in USA there are still some people to doubt it and say it is just a theory? This makes me mad!

Thank you for your nice words about my embroidery...:)