Jan 10, 2008

Custom order

There is something special with custom orders. When you do things yourselve, it allows you to be totally free. You can invent, create, assemble elements the way you want. That kind of freedom can sometimes be a little scary. The white page angst. Which I never really had. I always have tons of ideas. But fortunately, art is long and time is short and from the idea to the realisation there is a more or less long path.

From time to time, someone asks me to create something, following some requierements, a designed based on something I've already created but with some modification or a design based on an already existing object which I have to get inspiration from... A custom order.

I love to work with the person. I love to find a just middle between what the person wants and what I want. Because as much as I want to please my customer, as much I want to have fun doing the order. I think having pleasures doing something always reflects on it.

I had several orders recently and in my opinion, they turned out very well. Apparently my customers are happy too.

I will start with that star based on an existing design of mine. Barbara wanted a star all the same, but very "silvery"! 
The idea to work with silver material never really crossed my mind. 

Also, check out the blog of my customer who was amazing again and featured my little creation:
to Woof Nanny's blog


paris Chic boutique said...

Thanks for the correction :)
I guess since this is a learning experience then it will be trial & error!
Nice work on your blog.
Thanks for the visit :)

Recycled By Hyena said...

Thank you for your nice comment about my work!

Do you want me as official corrector? ^_^