Mar 2, 2010

Etsy Front Page

I have been on the Etsy Front Page 3 times these last 10 days!!! I was totally amazed. I also was in several Treasuries thanks to my team mate of the Etsy French Team.

I have been working slowly on new things. First a batch of Fiber Jewelry. I also have a big project coming but I am not telling...

In the following days, I will go back to my loved and missed sewing-machines. I had so many different things to take care of that it didn't left me any time to sew. I am missing it a lot. When I am saying this is an antidepressant for me, it really is. I am almost depressed not sewing and creating anymore.

And it is still cold out there but the house is more and more warm, we have now natural gas heating and the windows are all "doubled". When I will have finished these darn walls, I will feel better. And ready for the next room to fix! Which will probably be my studio and its huge closet that has been conceived like nothing and is half closed and not usable. Too bad because I am running out of space.

So stay tuned because the next fashion batch of recycled deliciousness will be crazy! (I know I know, I am not being very humble, but heck, I love my work and my clients love it too, so what?!)


Anny said...

Moi aussi ma machine à coudre est un antidépressif! On se rejoint là-dessus!!! :)
J'ai bien hâte de voir tes nouveautés!

Recycled By Hyena said...

Merci Anny! Je commence a voir la fin des travaux! OUF!!