Feb 7, 2011

Detour : 7 years.

I am going back to France. So all my spies can know! I have been going through very difficult times and I am left with no other choices. There is a lot of things I will miss about USA and some I won't. I love the space, the light and the openess of people. Their way to mind their own business but at the same time to be able to say some kind words to you. This doesn't exists in France. Everything is more little, we have less light and people are often agressive. But we have some other good things. The food I missed so much, a beautiful country...maybe a desire to take photographies again, travel through Europe this time, maybe go to Russia see where my ancestors lived.

Projects and realities. A lot of paperwork, a lot of unknown, my business on hold, even though I will let all my stores opened and travel with my inventory so I will be able to ship any order. Find a job, be independant, be responsible. Be with my family.

Parts of my heart I will leave behind in shapes of friends, of loves, of animals. But Ulysse will follow unlike Argos. When everything will be ready in Ithaque.

7 years is and is not a long time. 7 years is difficult to fit into boxes.


Anonymous said...

Je t'envoie du courage Cecile et des bisous !

PurePixie said...

Courage ! C'est difficile, mais tu vas voir, la vie va etre tellement plus facile la-bas pour toi. Bisous

Recycled By Hyena said...

Merci Eve, je vais en avoir besoin de beaucoup, de courage.

Merci Armelle, mais j'ai des gros doutes sur le cote "facile"...:/

RunzwithScissors said...

Courage, indeed. and lots of tissues, for we all will cry.

I'm glad you will be with your family, and I hope there are well, or, better than before.

Recycled By Hyena said...

Astrid, thank you for your wishes. It will be easier in a way in France, where we have way more social help, without speaking of the universal healthcare...

My Dad is doing great, thank you for asking! He is so happy I am coming back.