May 25, 2006

Rhino C'est rose and his lil friend Piou

I posted the lil guys all over the place! lol. But I am so proud of them I want to show them over and over.
They are now packed and ready to join their new mommy, the charming Eling at
And I will get some amazing yarn!

Aren't trades grand?


Saltygal said...

Very nice! I linked you on my blog. I haven't sold anything off modwerks yet. Steve is a sweetheart and since it's not costing anything I figured why not? I took some things off etsy and others I listed in both places. I am actually working on building my own web site. I'm going to do some vintage , some reconstructed some new and also use it as a way for my wholesale buyers to write reorders quickly... I'm not going to rush it, I need to keep up with what I've got already. I'd like to have it ready by September.

Anonymous said...
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