Jun 3, 2006


Some little recycled thingies by me




Saltygal said...

They are beautiful!

Recycled By Hyena said...

ahh thank you dear!!!
But I am kind of pissed at that community! I never got a comment on my post, and when I told them that we were supposed to share the love, and the welcoming was not great, they erased my post!!!
Anyhow I am on Modwerk! hehe

platitudinal said...

Are these what people called cuffs? One wear them like bracelets? They are lovely, not too adorned ... just perfect:) And to think you are recycling as well! Bravo.

Recycled By Hyena said...

Yes, those are cuffs. They don't have the other snap parts yet, like that they are adjustable to the person who buy them (on my Etsy shop).
Thank you for your very nice comment about my work! ^_^

Anonymous said...
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