Jul 16, 2006


I am not Jewish. I am “just” a goy. But those stars were asking me to be done.

I noticed lately more and more negationism, more and more people and groups saying concentration and extermination camps never existed, that Jewish people died of typhus during the WWII, that they were barely 3 millions and that is nothing compared to other mass killings (Stalin, Khmers …the list is long of course).

It was only 60 years ago and it begins to sound as if it has been 200 years ago, and it is beginning to be forgotten.
I noticed a lot of lack of respect for the holocaust. I noticed a lot of people using the words Nazi or fascist without knowing what they are referencing to.

We need to remember. 60 years is nothing in human history and we could stumble again and fall in those very dark ages.
Memory is what constitutes History, that is, our past and therefore our present and future. Denying the past will only make us repeat the same tragic mistakes and crimes.

6 millions people died in extermination camps. Jewish people carry the most awful lost in that count. I consider the holocaust to be the most horrible drama in human being history. The systematization of the killings, the destruction of each individual reduced to a number, the tag and number they were obliged to wear on their clothes and in their flesh: this is the most visible part of what I consider to be the most dreadful crime against humanity.


platitudinal said...

This is a well written and thoughtful post. It troubles me too that people can deny hollocaust ever happen, or so casually forget it. Makes one wonder about humanity and our capability of even the most basic compassion. That aside, I want to applaud you for making something beautiful out of your concern.

Recycled By Hyena said...

Thnk you very much for your beautiful message. It means a lot to me!!