Aug 21, 2006

crochet again, better than depression

Available on my other etsy store

Soon available on my Etsy store

Avalaible here:

Soon available on my Etsy store

Some other little things I did recently. I have problems with that blog. I don't have a lot of friends and I always feel like I am speaking in the void. It disturbs me a little, with all my insecure complexes and phobia...

Anyway, for those few who read me, let me know what you think!! (is there a way to view a friends page or something like that???)


Andrea said...

These are all very cute projects. You are very talented. I would even try to attempt some of these since I am into crocheting... I would buy them! :-)

Recycled By Hyena said...

Hello Andrea,

I am not very good at keeping my blogspot! Thank you for your nice words about my work.
I am selling those on my Etsy,, if you are interested.