Aug 17, 2006

The adorable Liz at Yarn Botanika made a special post about the sweater I made with her wonderful handpainted merino lace yarn. I am really proud of the sweater (Go for Baroque pattern, from Happy Hooker), it was the first time I was working with fingering yarn, it is really nice!

So here is the sweater:

And here is the post:

And yes, my poor mannequin, named Toinette, has a wooden stick up her ass, because she is waiting for a better base, that will come soon, thanks to an amazing friend!

Some other works of mine:

Pattern: Short and sweet, Happy Hooker

Pattern by me


YarnB said...

Did you just start this blog?? I absolutely love that sweater. I am taking a crochet class now and struggling by the way!!

Recycled By Hyena said...

I started it a while back, but as I have no friends around and I am quite fighting with the different tools, I just update it from time to time. I post more on my LJ.
I learned crochet alone, but I think it was running in my mom and granny's blood so it is weird but it is really easy for me. My granny, to whom I crochet a lace scarf when I started crochet, couldn't believe the quality of my work. It made me super proud because she is a hell of a knitter and a crocheter (if such a word exist!).
But anyway, good luck for your crochet classes. If you need helps or little tips, don't hesitate to contact me!