Mar 8, 2007

What a day!!!

Everything began when I let Ulysse out without his collar, nor his leash. I wasn't awake, really. He took a poopoo and he just disappeared, fly away, vanished: 45 m/hour. He is a greyhound, by the way.
Me in my pjs running through the nearby street like crazy, calling him, asking my neighbors...I finally went back home, jumped in my clothes, closed the door and went running again. No time to think either.
In these situation time is everything, you have to thing, choose and act all at the same second. Because a car hitting him wouldn't wait...
And I would slit my wrists.

So I couldn't find him, I was yelling his name on top of my lungs (I have a little voice and it is difficult for me to scream or speak loud). Fortunately, some "greyhound people" live 2 blocks away. I was almost in tears and explained to them super fast, we jumped in their car (I don't drive and hubby wasn't there). And we drove through all the alleys and our walk paths...

At a moment I saw a long black shape, in a blink of an eye, it was so fast. No way to find him. All these awful images were also running in my mind. I cannot even imagine the life without him. I always get too bonded and attached to my animals. He is such a perfect being...
I was seeing him laying on the floor, wounded...or worse. And at the same time, I was repeating myself, stay calm, you need your reason and cold blood.

Finally, I asked my neighbor to come back check on our house.Ulysse was on the front yard, waiting for me!!! My perfect boy, who know the neighborood like his pocket, when he heard me calling him, when back to the house (where is his food, after all, and all his beds).

He stood his big pointy ears in the air, and looked at me with his head a little on the side, interrogative. Like saying:" uh? Where were you gone, silly mommy? You had a drive on this suv, wow!" (because Ulysse is an american boy and he likes big big car...)

I was sooooo happy!!

Conclusion of the crisis: I will resume my activity with the Greyhound Pet of America group and try to see all the greyhound people I know again. It is important to help eachother, and they were awesome... So saturday morning, to the Meet&Greet I go with Ulysse!
Also it tooks me forever to stop shaking.

And the afternoon, I got my first live interview in english!! Oh my I was soooo stressed about this one as well! But the journalist, a girl from Chicago was awesome, as well as the photographer (very talented).

So now, I will go drink some wine and eat a veggie lasagna, and feed my baby of course !

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Anonymous said...

Thank Goodness that Ulysse made it back home safe. It is always special to have friends willing to help out when you need it most so we are glad to hear that you are going to getting involved with the GPA again.

Pops and Glo Bug send Kisses

Take Care

Russ & Shae

Recycled By Hyena said...

Hello Russ and Shae,

I thought about you guys last time, because I found that picture of Shae and Louna, when she was a shibby baby! Sooo cute! Now she is a big girl, she is my little princess and I couldn't thank you enough she just appeared in your garden!

I send a big huge hug to Pops the magnificient and Glod Bug body building!!

You guys take care as well!