Mar 22, 2007

Bizarre (with a french accent, please)

This morning, I was checking my emails when I heard a huge noise in the "room" (it is a weird room in our house, when everyone go through, where there is Ulysse's crate, when we play with Da bird with Louna, where there is a rug, where there is my drawing table I am never at...well...), so I run to the window, and see that poor bird who probably killed himself. I run outside and the poor little creature, a red head woodpecker, was on the floor, but he was just knocked, not dead.
I hold him for 15 min in my hands, for him to get back his spirits. He didn't want to leave my hands! As he was regaining strengh, he was closing his "pawns" more and more on my fingers.
I put him on the floor, he walked a little, and went in the air. He stayed for a while on a tree nearby me and he says thank you, a plus tard!
I was so glad he didn't die!

After that, I picked Louna in the laundry room, ready to escape...and on my way closed the dryer and caught my little finger in the door of it. Seriously, I almost faint, I would never have think the pinky was THAT painful!! I had several piercings done, a cutting in my back. I hurt myself pretty bad on several occasions, but there, the pain was awful. And I am quite resistant to pain.
2 days ago, running with Ulysse, I got caught on a spiky bush and it hurts so bad I thought I got poisoned. Same hand.

Apart from these mesaventures, I am creating like crazy. So pic pic:



Princesse des Bois - Custom order


meloearth said...

I love the clothing and necklace...super nice! Specially that second blouse.

Saltygal said...

I have a window that birds sometime crash into as well. I have a stained glass on it, but they sill hit it on occassion. They do seem to show appreciation before they fly away :) Love your new things, I have been busy with family matters and am itching to get some new projects going

Recycled By Hyena said...

Thank you Melo for your nice words!! ;) I hope my little story cheered you up a bit that day!

Karen, even with a stain glass?? Maybe they are attract by a reflect and that why they fly into the window.
Thank you for your nice words, I have more coming. I just finished a crocheted cardigan for me, I am so happy it fits!
I hope your son will get better soon... I have to answer your last email! ;)

Marisa said...

Hello there!
Did you make that yellowy necklace thing that you're wearing in the 2nd picture? Do you sell to the UK? I love it! `Can I see a close up? I'll go to all my folky summer festivals and strut around wearing one and everyone will ask me... Where did you get that from? it's dead cool...

Recycled By Hyena said...

Hello Marisa,

Yes I made it, it is crochet with a silk ribbon. I can make the very same for you. Do you know Etsy? I have a store there and we could make the transaction there... It would be around 20$ I think.

Thank you very much for your nice words!! :) and let me know!