Apr 14, 2007

I was living in a cave

This morning, after I woke up really late and missed the Greyhoung Meet&Greet I noticed something wrong with my monitor. The image was flickering, the white was too bright and like moving. A lot of setup just went wrong and I couldn't fix them anymore.
This ugly and old 19" monitor was just a nightmare since the day I got it.
Now I have this 22" flat monitor, with a wonderful definition and colors, I just can't believe my eyes! I also bought a wireless keyboard and a mouse. Thanx to a wonderful check we received from a conference Marc did last year (yes...last year!).

It is always the same when you have new tools. You wonder how you were doing before.

I have decided to write more in here, even though no one read. But whatever. Everything is whatever.
We went to Wild Oats this afternoon. The mall nearby, a classy one if such a thing can exist, was packed. There were quite a lot of people in wildoats too. What was our surprise when we noticed the price of endives went up again. I should deal these. I don't know, one day they will be like an exchange value.

I was listening to Thom Yorkes, and I was looking at the sky turning dark. And all these cars, and all these people running to the malls, and running to consume more and more.
I am almost ashamed to be part of that, even though I know if I go to that store it is because it is one of the only places where I can buy decent bread. And Seventh Generation products. But to avoid to buy kleenex and so on products destructing forests, we spend more gas...What a freaking irony.

And to be able to continue to communicate, work and sell my creations and fight pollution like I can, I buy electronics made in China...

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