Apr 4, 2007

Titles bother me

What to say? I am definitely not a blogger.
These last days were lovely, nice and warm weather, lot of creativity, a good health...But yesterday, big t-storm and it is cold again, and I am crawling back in my hibernating state.

The world is not improving...I am so mad at my country, they will probably elect an idiot or a dictator. But no one noticed, no one cares.
I won't speak about what is happening in America, it is not better for sure. But at least there is hope for the next election. There is no more hope in Europe, we are too old. We opened the Pandora's boxe too wide.

now, pictures:

Make up bag

WIP Cureuil sur un arbre


Last but not least (wow, I hate my face)
Pull rose


Anonymous said...

Cute sweater, and no ur face is not ugly silly!


Recycled By Hyena said...

thank you for the nice comments! Still I don't like my face, but I got over it with the years!