Oct 16, 2007

Music and white hair, and conspiracies

1- I just found my first white hair.
Whatever, I am 32 and yesterday while I was listening at Disintegration of The Cure for the first time in so many years, remembering my 16 with a bitter smile, which were not sweet at all, I told myself that even if I am the double of that age, I am glad of the path I took, I am glad about what I became...and I am glad I am still learning...I am glad I am still opened and more lucid than ever...

2- I was living under a rock, and I just figured out NIN released another album last february. What was my freaking surprise when I discovered Trent Reznor (and his marketing crew?) developped a crazy net of gaming trail thing, tons of site, conspiracy theories and fucking Chomsky inspired empire.

Just one thing: the music is bad, and the political and protestating background even worse. Saying the exact opposite of those you're against come down to going the same way as them.
Just like people driving Austin Mini to protest against Hummer. WTF with you all little minds?

3- And the very best for the end: Radiohead.

The more I listen to it, the more I love it. Just like Bach's best pieces, just like all the masterpieces, the more you look at them, the more you listen to them, the more you know them, the better it gets...
This is what art is made of.

I paid 2 pounds for it. I could have paid less. I couldn't have paid more.
Everyone found amazing what they did, it is such a big middle finger at the music industry and at the consummerism (if you don't know it already, your favorite artists only get 1 or 2 $ the cd they sell, the rest goes to the industry major etc).
A member of the band announced it was not a political position, but just a way to see how people price music.
Sorry John, this is bullshit.
Whatever your reasons were you guys, I am poor and I couldn't choose between paying 20 $ for your music when offered almost for free, and the money I need to go give classes to poor kids in Peru...

Live is a matter of choice, and a matter of ethic.

"you are all I need"

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Howard T. Snidbiscuits said...

I like to think that Yorke is singing 'You are all I need' to himself.

It is an awesome album, woop!
My credit card was screwed up, so I payed nothing. Thanks Radiohead!
I was set to pay 4 pounds, otherwise.