Oct 29, 2007


It is now 1 week I am in Iquitos.
I have already been in the jungle 4 days. I had the Turista for the first time in my life. Not funny. Feels like you will die of emptying yourself from every sides.

I think I will make a list:

1/ Time:
I am using internet with a 112 K connection...I can assure you that the notion of time can change radically in these cases.

2/ Shower:
This must be the most humid place in the world, and there is not a real water system in here. No running water all day long, only at certain hours in the morning, what about that?

3/ Panic attack:
Yesterday, hubby took the plane back to USA and I got soooo scared to stay here without him. Even if I am not alone here, Marc going away was really scary. We have a very deep relationship, deep understanding...I got suddently scared I couldn´t live without that.
I also miss my babies a lot.
But Arturo is great and it feels so good to have a friend.

Entiendo un poco, pero soy más tímida y es muy difícil!
The progress are slow even if I am able to read Borges in spanish! How weird is that?

5/ Bathroom:
Arturo just told me the bathroom door is fixed so I can close it now...Wow, we are about to leave the Middle Age!!! No running water like I said, and the bathroom is in such a crappy state, I think I will have nightmares about it for the next 10 years!
Today´s goal: get some cleaning products!

6/ Arbol:
We went through all the donations and material we have for the kids. I think they will never believe their eyes when they will see all that. Thank to all the amazing people who send us lot of supplies. I went to visit the place where we will give the classes and this is really heartbreaking how these families are poor. The children are starving.
At a moment, there was that minuscule puppy I pet, and the little girl told me: te vendo mi perro! I almost cried...
I got really depressed and full of doubts about my work there. These children are hungry and what I bring to them is something not usefull per se.
After having thought it through, I realized that they deserves as much as anyone to enjoy themselves with creation, art, painting... I am not bringing bread to them, but I hope I will be able to bring them joy.

This whole trip is finally such a challenge for me, something I didn´t really wanted to think about when I was preparing it.

Changes are painfull…But this is how we are able to evolve and to open ourselves to the World.
To think, and to do.

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David said...

Hello Cecile!

What an amazing trip this must be for you! I am glad to hear you arrived safely. I hope to read more about your time in Iquitos in the days to come.

Your Etsy friend