Dec 17, 2007

Things I love

Lately, I have been mad when seeing the tons of crap that are made and sold everyday in the "craft" scene.
Instead of letting this negative vibe get me down, I choose to turned it into something positive.

From now on, I will be featuring from time to time on my blog artists and creators of all kind I follow since years or artist I meet randomely online.
My work has been featured in several blogs and I would like to do the same as I know it is such a great feeling to discover at the next online corner a link to your store, or a picture of one of your creations and some nice comments about it.

I don't like Christmas, and as an atheist don't celebrate it. But I really like the turn of the year. The end of one that go and melt into the beggining of another one. For me this is the best time of the year to give and reflect and create again.

Go check these artists or these pictures, for me, there is a lot of love in all these.

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