Apr 3, 2008

In June, I will go there


thimblescratch said...

Hyena, I can't wait to see what you will do there. This video completely blew me away - I love it. I would love to meet this man (if only I spoke spanish!).
THIS is the FUTURE. Because there is no other way. Not even for our monoculture farming here, its days are limited. We would do well to learn from him now, before our soil it totally depleted. In the rainforest this is even more important. I will spread this video wherever I can. The other thing he kind of mentioned about the medicines, is that if the people of the jungle move to the city, their knowledge of the ways to use the jungle will disappear, along with their rich and ancient culture.

I would love to go there too. But until then I will try my hand at integration here, and see what I can come up with.

Recycled By Hyena said...

I am not sure I will do anything. Resource, and think and learn (which I think is already doing something. Or preparing to do things better).
I am still learning spanish. I understand it pretty well, but to speak it I need to be immerged.

Yes, one day, there won't be any other alternative if we don't want to all die. We will all have to take care of the earth and nature and animals. Didn't you love it when he said animals also need affection and he was petting them...I don't know their name in english, Boar?
Because it is not an evidence farms animals need affection...We used them like objects now and we have lost touch with them too.

When I've seen the video, I yelled I WANT TO MARRY THAT GUY!!!lol