Apr 22, 2008

More promo and rant about earth day

Well, it is earth day. I don't like "days". Like women day. The others 364 days of the year, what is it? Men year and 1 women day?
As for earth day, 364 days for what? Pollution, trashing environment, destroying everything surrounding us.
And don't forget green marketing : Green wash

Meanwhile my work was featured on 2 others treasuries.
And don't bite the hand that feed Hyena, this top was featured on Allchic blog for...
yes, earth day!!


flytie said...

congrats on being featured. that top is really nice.

urbangipsy said...

hahahah jar jar jar, who's stalking who?????

Paola Zakimi said...

HI girl!, you make such mess!, i was waiting about two hs for a critic and you appear!, Thank you for the tips, i love your work, really.
see you!
By the way, I`m Holli from Etsy...