Sep 6, 2008


The show is going on and I need money to finance my trips to France. I plan on going back for Christmas. I want to be with my Dad the more I can afford to. If this means working like a crazy girl to obtain it, I will.

So here for the amazement of your eyes, my newest creations. 

And a huge thank you to the following ladies who bought from me this last days. Their friendship and huge heart have kept me going with my creations. I hope they won't mind me "calling" them out like that. But they seriously deserve a shout out! And they are wonderful artisans.




Stephanie said...

Stunning! Your work is beautiful.

Recycled By Hyena said...

Thank you very much Stephanie!

Chris Stone said...

Your work is so nice! thank you for the mention... my friends loved your towel. it was perfect. I stopped by to see how you are... loved the WASP post, btw!

Recycled By Hyena said...

Hey Chris thank you for the nice words! I am so glad your friend loved the towel.