Mar 19, 2009

Good things

I have been a bit depressed and I am starting to do better. It is the first time I am having depression during Spring.

My Dad is out of the hospital since 10 days (already?) and he is doing allright. We are waiting for his blood test results. His doctor just abandonned him. I was so furious. Imagine you are fighting cancer, you spend 3 weeks  in a sterile room. First you doctor never comes to see you. Second, you are out of the hospital and he tells you that he doesn't want to see you. You can come and see him privately though and pay the full price!!! (health care is totally different in France).

What about the deontology? What about my Dad's moral? We already knew that doctor was not nice. But then, it is really the last straw. My poor Papa was all demoralized. 
The good thing though, he is feeling better. Still tired, still feeling the effect of chemio and all. But he doesn't suffer anymore and that is wonderful. I can't wait to go and see him in France.

I have been working like crazy but today I prefer to show someone else's work. When I came across Pippi's jewelry, I was awestruck. If you love me and want to make a gift to me here are what I dream about:

But the last two pairs would do too! Check out her shop, it is full of intricate and sophisticated creations.

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