Apr 25, 2009

Pollution Day

Haaaa Pollution Day is finally over and we are back to 364 Earth Day!! *sigh of relief*

Meaning no tree cutting or jail. No more wasting, chemical and air pollution, no more diesel car, no more factory farming. I know it was difficult for them all polluters to fit it all in one day, but heck, that's life right?

I wonder how they managed to produce all the plastic in 24h. But fortunately we don't need these type of dangerous material anymore.

Well, that's good to dream but meanwhile we are very far from it. And it is not at the bottom things will change, it will be from the top. If industries don't stop, this will be the death of the earth. All our good intentions will  pave the hell we are creating around us.

Recycling and conservation are the only solutions. Why advocate to plant trees when ancient forests are vanishing away with industrial logging? These forests cannot be replanted. The trees are only a part of the vast and complex eco-system. Without the soil and all the exchanges these forests will be forever gone. They are the lungs of the planet.

Borneo Deforestation Map

One of this day, I'll post a green guide. A real one. Not a trendy recessionista (hate that word) one. 

Because you have to be dedicated, you have to follow principles, you have to think things throught. You have to think by yourself and research.

I usually don't use quote but I really like that one (if you have the origine and date of it, please let me know):

"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world."
Nelson Mandela



SugarCain said...

I hate that "recessionista" word also. It makes it sound as though we can just stop doing what we are doing for the planet after the recession is over. I have been doing it for years and I know you have too, but we can't make a dent without changing a lot of attitudes. Keep shouting!


Recycled By Hyena said...

Thank you very much Angelique for your comment. I have seen once in a documentary someone saying it was not important if people were becoming "green" for trend because at least they would do something. For a while I toyed with the idea but never was truly conviced. Now I am really worrying about that. If the economy gets better and we fall back in the same horrible patterns, no lessons would have been learnt and nothing would have been changed at the core. This is a real change in the mentality and process of thinking we need. Not just another freaking patch on problems.

But you know all that! :)

Anonymous said...


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Recycled By Hyena said...

Green, thank you very much for posting my article there!