Apr 6, 2009


As I am not allowed anymore to post my treasuries on a certain place, I will start posting them here.

March month galore:

I really like the diversity of all these treasuries. The first one made it to the front page and I sold that necklace. Since I was "forbidden",  I was in ZERO treasury.

It will always "surprise" me how some people will go to such great lengths to get you and your business down. But things somehow get balanced. Karma's a bitch, right?


Static White said...

I don't know the whole story but I can't see how someone could reject/insult/ignore your work, it's beautiful!

Recycled By Hyena said...

Thank you so much! But you know, black list, clique, behind the scene and all that stuff... I did nothing wrong, just irk an "admin"