Nov 5, 2007

Constat d'échec

Agreement of a failure? Or something like that.
After 3 planes, 14 hours trip, I am back home.

I couldn't do it in Iquitos. Too much heat and noise, I was getting crazy again, and deaf...
I've lost 4 kgs, and my health was at risk.
I am really sorry for the children but this and other problems I won't speak about here got in the way and made it impossible for me to feel good and stay there giving the best of me.
I just couldn't.

On a positive note, I refocused on my real desires. To go see elsewhere if the grass is greener allows you sometimes to go out of the blind spot and see what you really want and what you really need: Marc, my animals, our house.

I am really tired and disappointed. I almost ran away from Iquitos.

I am feeling optimistic anyway. I am back and quicking (after I will have got back my sleep hours and my kilos!) and ready to work and amaze you all, in style and with a strong sense of ethic.

The really funny thing of today: when I entered USA, I felt good. It was my first time travelling by plane alone. And it is not a long time I travel by plane (since 5 years). So  I was quite stressed, and each time I asked help to people in here, they were always charming and really helpful.

The guy at the custom told me I had a cute green card!! Such a great welcome back!

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