Nov 20, 2007

SOS Sicko

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It is not a matter of liking Michael Moore or not. It is not a matter of politics, of sides or wings.
It is a matter of democracy, it is a matter of sharing, it is a matter of SOLIDARITY.

Watch this movie.


I cried several times, and laughed as well. This is his most compelling and clever movie so far.

Of course, he is letting aside a lot of the negative points. People have universal health care in Cuba but they don't eat to their content everyday.
People have universal healthcare in France but they pay a darn lot of taxes and also the medication prices are going up, as well as the huge debt of the Social Security (the government organism which pay for everything).
Plus, French people has been careless enough to let someone like Sarkozy access to power. He is a Bush clone.
All that matter for him is privatization, corporation, control and money.

Money, profit.
We are getting sick and green, we are transforming into these pieces of papers.

There is 2 medications I have to take. I cannot do without. For life.
Well, it costs 300 $ a month. I am extremely lucky to have a husband who is a professor in a private university, and have a wonderful insurance. Wonderful if you like. So we pay around 60$ a month for my medication.
In France, it would be free.

Except we were not rich enough to get a proper plan for the dentist these past years and I ended up with huge problems for ONE tooth.

But my little experience is nothing compared of the awful distress and tragedy some people in USA are undergoing.
Children and babies are dying, people are working until their death, way past 80 years old to pay their medications and their health bills, people are dropped in front of cheaper medical centers by insanely rich hospitals...Because they cannot pay the bill.

Watch this movie.
Think. Feel.
Wake up.

Because the day american people will wake up, it will be something.
I still have hope.

Money won't eat everything, will it?

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