Feb 13, 2008

The 3D poetry of Meredith Dittmar

"Machine Dream"
Polymer Clay, Plexi & Laminate

I said at the beggining of this year I would featured artists whose work really touches me.
The first one will be Meredith Dittmar. You can find all her work on her splendid website which name I adore: CorporatePig

I can do a lot of things with my hands. But weirdly I am unable to work with polymer clay. So at first I was really impressed with the intricate details of her work. The more I was browsing her site, the more I was smiling and getting excited. This is cute. For sure. But there is more than that. This is twisted and the character have a kind of melancholy.

"Sleep through it"
Polymer Clay, Plexi & Laminate
11" x 4"

If I had money, I would buy one of her piece without hesitation. Meanwhile I am just looking at them, and they bring me a lot.
I hope they will too.

They are for me poems in three dimensions.

"And so we are moved"
Polymer Clay, Plexi & Laminate


smashing.etsy.com said...

wow! 3d poetry is right. thanks for showing us, i love it :)

Furkid Fever said...

Wow, that is awesome. Very talented!!