Feb 29, 2008

"Why Moimoi? Why?" says Ulysse

Why Moimoi? Why?, originally uploaded by MlleHyena.

So nearby my place there is this big land where there were these awesome trees. They started by cutting down the trees in the front.
And yesterday, they cut down the whole forest that was behind.
My heart bleeds for all these wonderful healthy trees that have been murdered for what? Houses? Parking lot?

I don't know if people realize that less trees equal more global warming, more land slidding, more flooding, more destruction of all kind, more sun on their houses, so more AC in the summer...

For those living in Nashville, I will try and start an association to sensibilize people about all that. There are laws in the making to oblige people to replant a tree when they cut one. I want these laws to be voted!

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