Feb 9, 2009

New garments and Anniversary!

I have been really busy with finishing all the clothes I started before the holidays, taking pictures and editing them, making and sending New Year cards to my 2008 customers (sorry for the late!!).

It is already february and tomorrow is our 5 years wedding anniversary. I never thought I would get married, never wanted it either. Plus it was not an actual wedding, just a lawyer and a handfull of friends. I was wearing that crazy goth gown and black make-up. It was only 10 days we had adopted Ulysse. There was no furniture in the house. We were super duper broke. The wedding was a matter of legal aspect. Funnily enough, through the year, it started to make sense. I can now say "my husband" proudly, without thinking this is too old school.

Well, to come back to my work here are the latest.


TotusMel said...

Congrats on the anniversary!

Recycled By Hyena said...

Thank you my dear!

thimblescratch said...

Incredible new work my friend!!

Recycled By Hyena said...

Thank you very much Tammy. Do you recognize some of the fabrics??