Nov 25, 2009

Featured artist : Moonstr

don't mess with me or my cotton pony will kick your ass

Moonstr and I have been on Etsy since the same length of time: 4 years!! So it was only normal that I feature at least one of my old-timer friends. 

what do you mean you have no honey

Each time I run across her work, I always have a smile on my face but there is something more, a kind of rage and unbalance that make the whole thing really special to me. This is not only cute, this is weird as well. And I love the titles she gives to the pieces. Please go visit her store!

shush you i'm thinking


moonstr said...

Thank YOU!

Amy said...

Her work is great! and collectible! and affordable! too! I too am a fan. I also love etsy and have a shop there: