Nov 10, 2009

Winter Collection Snapshots

Here are the last garments I created. I spent 10 days, almost since I am back from Peru, working on these. I am really happy with the result. The whole feeling of that mini collection is almost exactly what I was aiming at: sexy and classy at the same time, elegant and bad ass, and best of all, as usual: recycled from second hand clothings and salvaged fabrics!

Most of these are so comfortable I would just want to keep them for myself! Even the dresses!

So waiting for more professional shots, here are the quickie snapshots we did with hubby on Sunday afternoon. And more is coming as the flow of inspiration and energy lately is really good so stay tuned!


Waterrose said...

I especially love the first dress...the style and the color.

cheap building materials said...

Winter Collection Snapshots

The recycled dresses are great

Thanks for sharing

Celeste Jean said...

That long skirt is wild! I like it very much.