Nov 27, 2009

Attention, lot of.

Here you can go and vote for my design!

If I would have someone to thank, it would be all the people caring deeply for our planet and for Nature. The ongoing fight they are having which can seem at time pointless and ineffective.

But yesterday, I was reminding myself: 30 years ago, people were caring about atomic pollution, atomic weapons and so on. I am not optimistic by nature, but mind sets are changing. It will probably be "only" necessity that will make us change at a global and radical level. But at least the change will come.

Meanwhile, there is a growing interest for recycling, Eco-consciousness and all things green. So thank you to all of you! My little business means more than just selling and making a profit (insert lol). Thank you all for your wonderful comments, thank you all for putting the words out there about my work.

My store is included in their Winter shopping guide! :)

I am so honored to be featured near the most talented Fiber Jewelry Crocheters on Earth!! 

Thank you Jodi for featuring my work again! I really appreciate your support.

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Celeste Jean said...

You are right... change will come. I just wanted to stop by and thank you for being an inspiration. I now am a fabric recycler. I do not meet artist status, but I fell like I am doing something that is more worthwhile with my creative energy.