Oct 12, 2010

C'est la vie

It's almost 2 am and maybe not the right time to write a "personal" post on this blog which is supposed to be about my business only. But well, I need to take it off...

I left my husband, there was no love anymore and a lot of problems we couldn't overcome. I made the decision last Spring and I won't enter in the details but things are getting ugly and I am left with nothing.

Thing is now I am leaving far away of Nashville because all the supposed friends I had were not there to help me. I am trying all I can to come back to Nashville because this is the only place I can find a part time job and continue to work like crazy on Recycled by Hyena.

I won't let it down, as I won't let down the 2 loves of my life who are sticking up with me. I am really down and depressed but I am trying to maintain my head out of the water and I have been working, very very slowly on the new collection. Not having my machines with me makes it extremely difficult and I have been doing a LOT of hand sewing.

Several months ago I told a friend I would prefer to have love and be happy than to have money, that I didn't "really"care about money. Karma bit me in the ass I guess as I now wonder if I won't be obliged to get food stamps.

Anyway I am part russian, I am "strong" and stubborn, and I am loved. It should be ok.

My last Fiber Jewelry creations, soon to be listed.

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